Bocconcino & London Oyster Week

'Commonly seen as an aphrodisiac, an indulgent treat to be enjoyed on special occasions only & served raw with shallot vinaigrette, lemon & perhaps a drop of Tabasco; we’re really looking forward to breaking all the “rules” & showcasing the diversity & versatility of Oysters this London Oyster Week 2018. In addition to this, we are thrilled to work with The Oyster Academy to highlight the importance of protecting Oysters, and to make people see just how sustainable & nutritionally beneficial they are.'

Marco Corsica – Head Chef - Bocconcino

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'I have a fondness for Italian food culture having cut my teeth on food advocacy volunteering in the Italian born, Slow Food organisation, so to have such a beautiful Italian restaurant on board with London Oyster Week is fantastic, the strength and importance of food culture is one of the key drivers of The Oyster Academy International, and we take our cue from the Italians!'

Katy Davidson - Founder, London Oyster Week.

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London Oyster Week Oyster Dish

Baked Bocconcino Oysters, £12
Rock Oysters gently baked underneath a breadcrumb, garlic, chilli, basil leaf crust.

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