Boulestin & London Oyster Week

"We are very excited and proud to be a part of the inaugural London Oyster week, in particular to play our part in aiding the oyster restoration projects. Likewise, we are very much looking forward to our Oyster Roast together and look forward to sharing some Oyster delights with you to savour!"

Ross Anderson, Owner, Boulestin

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'This venue simply sings with history and I'm sure oysters would have been eaten here on many occasions. We're looking forward to holding our Oyster Roast Feature event in the courtyard of this beautiful and historical Lnodon establishment.'

Katy Davidson, Founder, London Oyster Week


Described as warm, convivial, relaxed and elegant, Boulestin is inspired by X. Marcel Boulestin, the renowned food writer, the world’s first TV chef and proprietor of the original eponymous restaurant, opened in 1927. Located in the heart of historic St James’s, Boulestin pays attention to detail with every aspect of a meal.  Boulestin has an enchanting hidden courtyard, lit by original Victorian gas lamps, for a special outside dining experience, away from the hustle and bustle of St James’s.  This is the smallest private courtyard in London and the entrance is lined with panels from King Henry the Eighth’s Real Tennis courts. The courtyard is also the site of the last duel fought in England, a perfect place to take up shucking knives for our Oyster Roast Feature Event!


London Oyster Week Oyster Dish

From L-R
Bloody Oyster
: Raw Oyster in Tomato Consommé, Ancho Chilli Vodka, Tomato & Celery Salsa
Baked Oyster: Hay Baked Oyster, Lemon & Oyster Butter Sauce, Monks Beard
Tempura Oyster: Tempura Oyster, Soy Ketchup, Pickled Radish, Coriander,

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