The Oyster Academy International - CIC

Presentation matters...

Presentation matters...

Oyster Culture is inherently similar to that of wine because of the way in which the same species of oyster grows differently depending on geographical location.

The Oyster Academy is a social enterprise that provides training programmes for the oyster industry which are similar to the format of sommelier and master of wine education.

Those who undertake the training will be prepared for serving oysters with authentic skill and knowledge having been trained in all aspects of oyster culture, from merroir to storage, to shucking and service.

Why London Oyster Week is partnering with The Oyster Academy International CIC

Surplus profits from the CIC will be used to further oyster culture education, industry support and oyster restoration projects. So this partnership with London Oyster Week will have lasting and profound effects across the oyster industry, culture and natural environment.

This global first in the world of hospitality and food training will qualify you as an Ostrelier™ a new discipline designed especially for the fascinating world of the oyster.

The benefits of training include the ability to suggest and sell the oyster option on your menu with confidence and to ensure a pristine product reaches your diners table. Everybody's first time should be one that makes them come back for more oysters, a bad first experience can put people off for life.

The Art of the Shuck

The Art of the Shuck

The depth of knowledge learnt will enable the venue to offer profit enhancing options through pairings with different wines, beers and spirits.

This cultural and gastronomic layer to oyster service adds value to the bottom line and to the customer and staff experience.

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