Isle of Barra Oysters

'I flew in to the Isle of Barra in a twin engine otter British Airways plane about a decade ago, it was a stunning sight, pristine and remote. Perfect waters for the farming of these stunning new little oysters, Now this farm has set up I think it might be time for a revisit. I can't wait to share them with you at our Oyster Atlas & Bruichladdich Masterclass events.'

Katy Davidson, Founder London Oyster Week

‘Established in 2013, we are the youngest of the farms and so we are extremely grateful and delighted to be part of Katy’s inaugural London Oyster Week. We so appreciate all of the hard work Katy does to raise the profile of oysters, helping people to understand what an amazing, delicious, healthy and sustainable food they are as well as all the ways they can be enjoyed.  We are sure this is the start of something really important in the world of oysters!’

David Jess, Owner, Isle of Barra Oysters

Isle of Barra Rock Oysters

Isle of Barra Rock Oysters

The Oysters

Like a wine grape, an oyster is the result of where and how it’s grown. When we first discovered just how delicious the oysters that grew in the cold, crystal clear waters that surround our beautiful island were we got very excited. We realized we had found some real gems. Due to our extremely cold water, our Pacific oysters are slower growing than most and are smaller as a result but they make the perfect cocktail oyster with their palatable size and amazing taste of the sea with a lovely sweet finish.

The feed is all in natural supply in the beautiful clean Atlantic water, we take great care to gently help these marvellous jewels of the sea grow, with each individual oyster receiving our personal attention.


The Farmer

3 local lads with a passion for oysters, a handful of spat and a head full of dreams set out to share as many of our fabulous oysters with the world as they could.  It took a wee while and a lot of investment to get the infrastructure of the farm right but we are finally there and are hoping that after 3 years of growing our current stock 2018 is our first very successful season of harvesting.



Down on the farm

Down on the farm

The Merroir

The pristine, clear, cold, Grade A waters that surround Barra create a unique product, we finish all of our oysters on one of the worlds most beautiful beaches.

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