Menai Oysters

'Menai Oysters are proud to be involved with the first London Oyster Week. Menai Oysters founded in 1994 are the only oyster farm currently operating in Wales. London Oyster Week will be a great opportunity to showcase Wales' ability to produce this delicate mollusc and for you to have a taste of Wales.'

Shaun Krijnen, Owner, Menai Oysters



The Oysters

Grown in the Special Area of Conservation that is the Menai Strait, the oysters benefit from the unique flavours the strong tidal currents bring over the beds. Low stocking densities and good husbandry ensure prime quality shellfish for you to enjoy. 


The Farmer

Shaun Krijnen has a degree in Marine Biology and is a proactive oyster and mussel farmer who works with strong knowledge of the science ad the culture behind oyster production.

Farm sunset.jpg

The Merroir

Menai oysters are the only oysters currently being produced in Wales. Menai Oysters are cultivated and sustainably harvested by hand in inter-tidal waters at the Menai Strait, Isle of Anglesey, Wales.