What is London Oyster Week?

London has an extraordinary history when it comes to the oyster, In 1864 over 700 million oysters were consumed in the capital city. In 1910 it was estimated by the British Government that the oyster was the most important industry in the world. Native oysters were the stars of this show.

Fal Natives from the traditional fishery and fisherman Chris Ranger.

Fal Natives from the traditional fishery and fisherman Chris Ranger.

In 2013, a research study in which 2000 adults were asked to list foods that they could not, or would not eat; around 47% of those asked listed oysters as foods that they would not eat, this number increased  to 57% in women. We feel this is mostly due to lack of access and misinformation and a change of perception is all that's needed.

London Oyster Week is here to bring oysters back to their former glory, and may be even beyond! We will be featuring both native and rock oysters and exploring oyster gastronomy and mixology so there is something for everyone's palate.

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The event is bringing together oyster lovers, oyster bars, restaurants, oyster farmers, professional shuckers and the uninitiated (both in eating and serving oysters) to ramp up the passion for this brilliant bivalve.

We want to encourage more people to eat this amazingly delicious, sustainable and versatile protein source whilst raising funds for oyster culture education programmes, industry support services and oyster restoration projects. The event will also showcase the diversity of oysters available from our very own shores from Cornwall, to Scotland and Ireland.

We're excited to be working with some of the best venues across London, opening up access to oysters throughout the city, showcasing exceptional oyster farms and supporting oyster culture for the future. There will be specially curated Feature Events happening throughout the week as well as special dishes and exclusive offers in all participating venues. We look forward to welcoming you along.

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