Randall and Aubin & London Oyster Week

'T’was a brave man who ate the first oyster, became a connoisseur by the second. Delighted to be supporting London Oyster Week 2018'

Ed Baines Proprietor, Randall & Aubin


'What would London Oyster Week 2018 be without a Randall & Aubin glitterball!? Add to that their seafood passion and Soho heritage and we have a heady mix of approachable luxury joining us for some oysterlove!'

Katy Davidson - Founder, London Oyster Week.

Launched in 1996 on Brewer Street in Soho, Randall & Aubin is an Anglo/French Brasserie that specialises in seafood and has been delighting foodies, fans and celebrities for the past twenty years - all of whom come looking for an outstanding meal and a fabulous time beneath the glittering disco ball. Relaxed, fun and approachably luxurious, this is a place where oysters are served with a side of good humour and a wink as sparkling as the champagne.

Breaded Irish Oysters Tartare and Caviar Randall & Aubin.jpg

London Oyster Week Oyster Dish & Oyster Passport offer

Six breaded Irish Oysters, tartare sauce & caviar with an Oyster Mary shot for £15

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