Oysters are one of the most nutritious, ethical and sustainable sources of protein on the planet...

...Yet they are functionally extinct in the wild

London Oyster Week is here to draw together all the wonderful oyster bars, restaurants, pop-ups and people that celebrate this beautiful bivalve and raise money for The Oyster Academy International (TOAI), a new CIC of which the Founder of London Oyster Week is a Director. Katy produces oyster events, shucking services, masterclasses and catering via The Oyster Lady  where surplus profits have gone towards setting up and funding The Oyster Academy International.

With an International Board of Directors, TOAI is creating a collective of oyster professionals to elevate oyster culture through its formal Ostrelier qualification to raise standards and engagement in the industry. Using the CIC structure TOAI will direct surplus profits towards support of the oyster industry, oyster culture advocacy and promotion and oyster restoration projects.

With the clear benefits of oyster culture to the environment, health, nutrition and the economy, TOAI will promote and support all of these wonderful benefits, whilst engaging people with the uniquely passionate culture of gastronomy that surrounds the oyster.

The long term goals are to create a highly professional and effective International oyster community, strong through education, training, collaboration and a respect of the triple bottom line, People, Planet and Profit.