Rabbit & London Oyster Week

'Oysters have been eaten for hundreds and thousands of year they used to be considered like snails a villagers food. And now considered to be a expensive food and described as a aphrodisiac because of their high zinc content. Traditionally eaten raw. My salad recipe is very interesting because it brings the salty, creamy Umami flavour whizzed to order with organic cider vinegar and rapeseed oil, this gives the less adventurous diners, a change to really taste the beauty of an oyster in a different way. So come to rabbit and get funky with our oyster salad.'

Oliver Gladwin


Rabbit Exterior.jpg


In October 2014, the team behind the acclaimed Notting Hill restaurant, The Shed launched a new restaurant in the heart of stylish Chelsea, Rabbit. Brought to London by talented brothers, Richard, Oliver and Gregory Gladwin, Rabbit is a true celebration of British ‘wild food’ with an emphasis on sustainability. Situated on the iconic King’s Road, Rabbit recreates the Gladwin brothers’ rural way of life in the heart of the city. 

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Exclusive London Oyster Week dish
Gladwin’s Pork Skin Salad with an Oyster Foam dressing | £8.5
Winter leaves, crackling, hard British pecorino, oyster foam dressing & pickled rape seeds.

London Oyster Week Oyster Offer
Oyster with fennel and apple marigold dressing and dill oil | £3 each. 

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The Gladwin Brothers.

As with its sister restaurants, The Shed and their most recent venture, Nutbourne in Battersea, The Gladwin Brothers supply Rabbit with produce and award-winning wines from their family farm and vineyard, Nutbourne in West Sussex.

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