The Bolingbroke & London Oyster Week

'We're really happy to be supporting London Oyster Week and raising funds for the The Oyster Academy International because of the dual importance of promoting oysters as a wonderful and sustainable resource for the British Isles, and the critically urgent need to find a way to both protect and manage our oceans for the future.' 

Tom Peake, Director - Three Cheers Pub Co


The Bolingbroke

Named after Viscount Bolingbroke (1678-1751), an infamous locally-born politician known for his hard drinking and wild escapades, this rather more refined local is renowned for its excellent British food and great selection of wines. Enjoy a blazing fire in winter, the terrace in summer and a warm welcome all year round.


Exclusive London Oyster Week Offer

Get the traditional Steak & Oyster Pie, with a bottle of Stout, what a perfect match for London Oyster Week, all for just £13.50


London Oyster Week Oyster Dish

Going back to traditional roots, the Three Cheers Pub group will be offering a beautiful Steak & Oyster Pie throughout Oyster Week

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